Roof Inspection

Let’s think about your roof. It has sheltered you from direct sunlight, rain and all other adverse weather elements. But what do you do in return? Forget to inspect it and it ends up being neglected. You will only remember about it when there is a leak or any other fault. That should not be the case, for all the years of service the least you can do is conduct a regular roof inspection. You should do this at least once per year. Irrespective of your height phobia you can still conduct the roof inspection at a safer level. In fact it is advisable to walk on your roof as few times as possible, do regular walks around your house and look for any notable problems. Roof Maintenance

Why do regular roof checks?

Early detection of roof problems may prevent severe damages. The earlier you detect and mend any loose, damaged or missing shingles the better. Roof leaks can really be a mess. When a roof cannot do its original task it is as good as gone. Do regular checkups to ensure your roof is strong and leak proof. Roof Repair

There are several signs that easily tell that your roof is leaking. The dark areas on the ceiling, damp spots on the fire place, the paint on the underside of the roof peels off and there can be water stains on pipes that supply the water heater. All these are clear indications of a leaking roof. Moss can also cause your roof to rust. Fortunately you can easily clean it off using a moss killer and then sweeping off the dead moss. This is mostly done during in spring. Roof Services

You can choose to personally inspect your roof or have a specialist do it for you. Some roofing companies do it for free while other charge a small fee. If your roof is too old and is constantly failing, make plans to have it replaced. Roof Companies