When To Replace Your Fence

A fence is a vertical structure erected outdoors around a piece of land. Most fences are made of wooden poles erected at equal intervals and connected to each other by a wire or rails. It is normally installed to demarcate a boundary. A fence can also be used to limit access to a property or to deter escape. It as well adds to the aesthetic look of a compound or a yard. Over time, fences do dilapidate and require to be replaced. Factors that determine the rate of deterioration of a fence are several;

· Hardwood poles would last longer than softwood ones. This is because softwood rots much faster and therefore replacement would be required much earlier.

· Treated wood has a very long lifespan, and replacing will be required after a relatively long time.

· Waterlogged soils are a catalyst for wood to rot, and poles erected in these do not last long.

· Paint slows the rate of poles rotting, as the rate of moisture absorption into the wood is low.

When to replace a fence

Since fences do not last forever, there is need replacement at some point. For this reason, we need to learn to know when it's time to replace your fence.Some of the signs to look for are;

1. Leaning Fence. When a fence is inclined, it is a sign that it will not last much longer. The leaning could be as a result of a destruction caused by an accident, or the poles decomposing underneath the soil.

2. Missing rails or wires, and broken boards is a sign to look for.

3. The splintering of the wood is a sign that the wood has significantly weakened and need replacement.

4. Holes in the wood caused by insects are signs of the wood becoming weaker.

Looking for these signs often is important as some may require a repair rather than a replacement. Repair is only possible before the deterioration is too much. Though repairing seems cheaper than replacing, it is expensive in the long term. The reason is that the remaining parts would also require repair sooner or later. Fence Company